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How Do I Grow My Lashes and Brows Naturally?

How Do I Grow My Lashes and Brows Naturally?

Sep 28, 2021


At Flirt we are passionate about sourcing products that are not only make us look and feel beautiful, but that are also good for us. We proudly support Local and Canadian made companies, and we are beyond excited to announce that Plume Lash and Brow Enhancing Products are now available in our studio at our Brow Bar. Our top tips for growing your brows include, exfoliation with a brow spoolie every second day, only waxing (drop the tweezers) use a satin pillow case for you side sleepers and add in a great growth serum. Brows are the slowest growing hair on the body and take major patience. Brows and Lashes are MUCH easier to grow with the addition of a product like Plume!

Plume was started by a local Calgary mom. After the birth of her first child, Plume FounderLauren Bilon, suffered from significant hair and eyelash loss. Her lashes regrew with a pharmaceutical product, but she endured dangerous side effects including discolored eyelids, burning skin, and blurred vision. To salvage her eye health, she turned to glue-on false eyelashes, but those led to a severe and painful eye infection. Disenchanted by her options, Lauren took the reins.

Lauren had a vision: to collaborate with Mother Nature to create a safe way for women to enhance and protect their lashes. Through extensive research, she achieved dramatic eyelash enhancements from a host of natural ingredients. However, many of the ingredients were hard to find, required refrigeration, perished quickly, and refused to mix together. Lauren partnered with leading natural and organic cosmetics formulator Irene Schnell. A certified Master in Fragrance & Cosmetics science (EFCM), Irene transformed Lauren’s carefully curated ingredients into an all-natural, long-lasting, preservative-free, safe, and effective formula. 

Through the power of women and Mother Nature, Plume Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum was born.




is a safe, effective way to grow the lashes & brows you've always wanted. The formula of 100% natural ingredients stimulates growth in 3 main ways:

  • Thicker by locking in keratin, moisture, and nutrients to increase volume and strengthen hair at the root

  • Longer by keeping hair follicles in the growth phase

  • Fuller by protecting delicate hair from environmental harm and breakage

And unlike the cocktail of hormones & chemicals of prescription lash serums, Plume is safe for anyone to use, even if you're pregnant or nursing.

Confidently flaunt naturally longer, fuller lashes & brows with zero side effects.

Specially formulated by a master cosmetic chemist to promote the longevity and fullness of lash & brow follicles. Available in Studio for $95.





Promotes the growth of your brows while adding definition and color to your best feature.

Available in six smudge proof shades, 100% natural, vegan, gluten & cruelty-free.

Plume Dual-Ended brush included.

Available in studio for $42



NOURISH & DEFINE REFILLABLE BROW PENCIL naturally promotes the growth of your brows while adding all-day definition and color to your best feature.

Available in six shades. 100% natural, plant-based, vegan, gluten & cruelty-free.

Plume dual-ended pencil with spoolie, refillable.

Available in Studio for $24. 2 pack pencil Refills available for $19.

At the Flirt Brow and Lash Bar we rely on our tools for meticulously groomed Brows and beautiful lashes. Plume has created some of the best tools we have used for precision control and excellent results.



LASH CURLER available for $21



PRECISION TWEEZERS available for $19


Share in our excitement with 10% of your Plume Purchase Sept 27- Oct 1, 2021.

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