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Why you need to try an Esthemax Professional Hydrojelly Mask

Why you need to try an Esthemax Professional Hydrojelly Mask

Aug 02, 2021


The hottest take home trend in skin care right now is definitely the Esthemax Hydro Jelly Peel off Masks.  These masks are full of all of the good things you need for your skin and skip out on all the nasty things usually found in masks.  They are a clean beauty product that is free of parabens, mineral oils, silicone, talc, gum, alcohol, disodium and corn starch.   They are fun to apply and truly deliver great results.  Infused with electrolytes,  they help you achieve a healthy natural glow.  In our cold, dry northern winters this helps to balance moisture and improve our skins tone and texture.
1) Pure Himalayan White Tea -Clarifying and Detoxifying
Catechins in white tea help flush out the toxins that accumulate in the skin. These toxins are partially responsible for skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.
2) Brightening Complex - Complexion & Pigmentation
Lightens pigmentation and promotes an overall more even complexion. Illuminates the skin and promotes deep hydration and balance.
3) Egyptian Rose - Glowing & Fine Wrinkles
Organic rose petals and bud flakes reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while diminishing the look of hyperpigmentation and age spots. Rose hydrates and illuminates the skin for a subtle glow.
4) Purifying Charcoal - Acne & Blemishes
Charcoal helps flush out toxins, dirt, and debris. Lecithin dissolves impurities that can clog pores and can cause blemishes, razor burn, redness, scars, and ingrown hairs. An ultra-purifying mask that draws out oil and other micro-particles from makeup or air pollution deep in the skin.
5) Antioxidant Goji – Regenerating & Radiance
Organic goji berry, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, helps repair damaged skin and radiate the complexion. Organic pomegranate halts signs of skin ageing and promotes collagen.
6) Hyaluronic Acid - Moisturising & Nourishing
Superior Moisture Retention.  Hold 5000x its weight in water. Good for all skin types, safe for acne-prone skin. Balances the skin’s pH levels to reduce breakouts and smooths fine lines.
7) Intensive Aftercare - Anti-inflammatory & Soothing
Helps to reduce the effects of harmful UV, improves dermal healing. Great for all skin types, Anti-inflammatory, instantly soothing, blemish, and acne-prone skin, reduces swelling.  
8) Luminous 24 k Gold - Illuminating & Strengthening
Rejuvenation and Clarity. Illuminates your complexion along with strengthening skin elasticity. Great for all skin types but would benefit sun-damaged and aging skin. 
9) Super Greens - Breakouts & Dark Circles
Super Foods for your face to help with dull skin, dryness, dark circles acne and sensitivity. Masks will rejuvenate the skin providing the nutrients it craves.

Each Box comes with 2 Hydrojelly™ masks, 2 Trays, 1 Spatula & 1 Scoop

Biodegradable tray!

You can purchase these in our studio or through our eCommerce site

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