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The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal for Babes and Bros

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal for Babes and Bros

Oct 04, 2021


 Men and Women have been subjecting themselves to the daily, weekly, and monthly ritual of hair removal for decades. From painless shaving to the the spiciness of waxing and sugaring, yet somehow it eventually grows back and we repeat the process again and again and again.


Enter laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is not new. In fact, it was invented in the 60's, but has been available as cosmetic service since the 90's. What has changed is the technology, comfort and efficacy. Flirt is excited to be at the forefront of the newest technology offering, and we are excited to introduce InMode's Diolaze XL and Triton Duo lasers into our studio. InMode's laser hair removal technology is appropriate for all skin types and covers large treatment areas, safely and effectively removing unwanted hair. This laser hair removal technology can be safely used on most areas of the body that have unwanted hair including the face, neck, bikini area, neck, chest, back, stomach, and legs. 
Well known Instagram influencer Rachel from Bows and Bento's has been test driving our new InMode Laser Hair Treatment service and she has shared her blog post with us here! Click on this link! Bows & Bento's hair removal experience. She answers ALL of your Laser Hair Removal questions including the ones you didn't know you had. She shares how to prepare for your InMode laser hair appointment, what to expect during your appointment, what the service feels like, and what results you can expect to achieve. Long story short, as a long time sugarista, she's a HUGE fan!
We are excited to partner with Bows and Bentos for an incredible deal on Bits and Pits, our most popular laser hair removal service.

Of course we couldn't leave out the Bros in our lives. Our male clients have had amazing results with laser hair removal. Now's the time to take advantage of our Bringing Sexy Back Combo Chest and Back Laser Hair Removal. Check out our clients before and after after ONE treatment.


We have discounts available for all Laser Hair Removal Services!

combine 2 treatment areas and save 10%

combine 3 treatment areas and save 15%

combine 4 treatment areas and save 20%


Still not sure if Laser Hair Removal is right for you? Come and visit us in the studio for a free consultation or book a consultation online at

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