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Welcome to the Flirt Babes Club

Welcome to the Flirt Babes Club

Mar 04, 2021


Welcome to our BLOG! 

Flirt is more then a Beauty Bar, its a community of women who are determined to provide a fun, upbeat and inclusive beauty experience with something for everyone. In 2016 Flirt Founder Ciara Ramsden imagined a new life for herself after a 20 year career serving as a Critical Care Trained Paramedic in Alberta. Ciara paired her life long obsession with eyebrows and her new found interest in Cosmetic Tattooing to bring Flirt Cosmetics Studio to life. Initially operating out of a one room studio on her days off, Ciara focused all of her attention on Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing. It was during this time that She realized that the brow waxing that existed in most Nail Salons or Aesthetics Studios was being done with out regard to the correct measurements and correct form causing damage to peoples brows. Determined to find a solution Ciara decided to expand her services and create a "Brow Bar" which would take the cosmetic tattoo knowledge and theory of perfectly shaped brows and apply it to non permanent brow services like waxing, tinting and henna brows. The popularity of this service and growing clientele at Flirt began asking for a more extensive beauty offering and more high quality services.

In October of 2018, Ciara approached Sheri Meyer, her Best Friend of 44 years, to come on board as a business partner to expand Flirt to a full service Beauty Bar. Sheri has a long extensive career as an entrepreneur in multiple arena's. Sheri was a finalist for Calgary's "Best Emerging Enterprise" for founding Mission Girls which was Canada's first female specific snowboard shop. Sheri also is a General Contractor and Owner of Calcor Homes which is a boutique home builder in Calgary. Ciara and Sheri seamlessly blended their strengths to create a partnership that could bring the bigger version of Flirt Cosmetics Studio to life!



"My goal for this blog is to blend information, inspiration, beauty and lifestyle into one quick easy and fun read each week, to expand on the idea of a beauty community and ultimately empower, educate and elevate the expectations of everyone who is part of our community. We are an inclusive space regardless of age, shape, size, gender, sexual preference, or skin colour. We are a body positive studio that wants everyone to "Be your own kind of beautiful" ~ Ciara 


"I can't wait to see this blog come to life, its the ultimate extension of our Beauty Bar and the Flirt Babe Lifestyle. We have so much to offer our community that goes beyond a simple service at our Brick and Mortar location. We will continually strive to educate, inspire and grow with our community" ~ Sheri  


Join us each week on this fun ride! Our clients are the heart and soul of our business and we are here for you! if you have topics you would love to see included in our blog give us a shout. This blog is about connection, community and embracing our own kind of beautiful....


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