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The flirt babes guide to pandemic makeup

The flirt babes guide to pandemic makeup

Mar 04, 2021


We are all having to become a little more creative with our cosmetic choices during the pandemic.  We hope that the mask life is temporary. Some time in the future we will be back to seeing each others big beautiful smiles!  In the mean time here are a few simple mask makeup tips!
We have been educating the public for years on the importance of brows and now MORE THEN EVER they need to be seen!  In 2015 the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada did a study on the importance of eyebrows in facial recognition and the outcome was that brows surpass eyes, nose and mouth in facial recognition!  It is Science!  Our ability to communicate with the muscles that move the eyebrows and our brow prominence are a huge part of non verbal communication when you are wearing a mask.  One of our favorite brow products is Jane Iredale's Eyebrow Pencil. It comes in five shades and with its micro tip that never needs sharpening, you can achieve a soft or bold look.
To really open the eyelid, for a brighter more awake appearance a touch of Jane Iredale's Active Light Concealer directly under the brow bone, polishes the look.  This duel purpose cosmetic is also amazing under the eyes to hide blue, purple and dark tones that become more prominent when we are tired, stressed out or dehydrated.  We love cosmetics that can be used multiple ways, it is more affordable and keeps the makeup clutter in our life to a minimum.
Next up are your beautiful eyes!  We all love long, healthy dark lashes.  Bambi influenced us all!  Did you know we should be nourishing and conditioning our lashes too?  Daily Mascara use and the scrubbing to get the mascara off every night can take a tole on our lashes.  Jane Iredale's PureLash Conditioner and Lengthener protects, nourishes and helps to strengthen the lashes.  This product is applied prior to your mascara as the perfect primer.
Top off your lashes with Jane Iredale's Longest Lash Mascara for a jet black final finish.  This unique product lengthens your lashes and comes in a squeeze tube which means zero product waste because you can get every last bit out of the tube with out having to pump the wand and dry out the product.  Less waste = greater savings!  All Jane Iredale products are made in the USA and have Certifications from Eco Cert, PETA, Leaping Bunny and the Skin Cancer Foundation.  These products tick all the boxes for scientifically proven clean, cruelty free beauty.
What about my lips?  We all hate leaving our lipstick all over the back of a mask.  Jane Iredale's brand new Beyond Matte Lip Fixation is a one pass, stay all day, lip stain, no re-application required. With a shade for everyone and the non drying quality of this product, we are sure you will fall in love with it as much as we have!
Stop into our studio anytime for a professional personal colour match of Jane Iredale's wide range of Foundations and Pure Minerals pressed and loose powders.  If you made it to the end of this Blog Post tell us and we will give you 15% off of your first Jane Iredale Purchase!

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