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Laser Hair Removal for Summer

Laser Hair Removal for Summer

Mar 05, 2024


Written by #FlirtBabe Taylor Marie

With summer days quickly approaching as the snow melts there is nothing better than enjoying the nice weather without the hassle of tedious shaving and painful waxing! Laser hair removal has been proven to give results that will have you wanting to show off your favorite beachwear hair-free! To ensure your laser hair removal treatments are successful, it is important to understand how lasers work and how to prepare for treatment to get the best results possible.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that provides a solution to unwanted hair. It uses a concentrated beam of light, known as a laser, to achieve this. So how does this system work?

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

During a laser hair removal session, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. This light energy is then converted to heat. This heat damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth, making it an effective method for hair removal.

What to Expect

If you decide to undergo laser hair removal, it's important to understand that hairs do not fall out immediately after the procedure. Instead, you will shed them over a period of days to weeks. This may give the impression of continued hair growth, but it's a normal part of the process.

Repeated treatments are usually necessary because hair growth and loss naturally occur in a cycle. Laser treatment works best with hair follicles in the new-growth stage. Therefore, multiple sessions are usually needed to catch all the hairs in their growth stage. Now is the perfect time to start on your laser hair removal journey to be hair-free by the summer. Book your complimentary consultation today to see if laser hair removal is the right fit for you.

Our Technology

At Flirt we are dedicated to bringing the best-in-class technology to Cochrane, AB. For us this means providing our clients with the most effective hair removal laser on the market which is why after extensive research we offer InMode DiolazeXL and Triton Duo. Both of these machines. InMode technology has one of the largest treatment spot sizes, and a cooling sapphire tip making treatments convenient and fast. The combination of efficacy, patient comfort and speed make InMode a leader in laser hair removal. It is powerful enough to target and treat even the most stubborn hair.

The Results

Most people experience permanent hair removal that lasts for many years after completing the required amount of laser sessions. The effectiveness of the treatment can vary based on individual hair growth cycles and the number of treatments completed. Therefore, it's crucial to follow the treatment plan as directed by our Flirt Babe Professionals.

If you are considering laser hair removal, come in for a complimentary consultation at our studio. Our expert team can assess your needs and determine if laser hair removal is the right solution for you. We look forward to helping you achieve smooth, hair-free skin just in time for the summer.

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