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How to support "Local" in a meaningful way this year

How to support "Local" in a meaningful way this year

Mar 04, 2021


What does it really mean to support local and what impact does it really have?  We are all encouraged to shop local and maybe you are even sick of hearing the term - especially when Amazon Prime makes it so easy shop comfortably from home. 
We are not here to shame you and make you feel like you need to hide all the amazon boxes on your door step, but the next time you default to the amazon bookmark on your google search try a google search for your favourite local retailer's website instead!  You might be surprised at what you find. Including free local delivery and probably same day or next day delivery!
It truly takes an army to grow a successful online store.  From learning how to build a store, doing graphic design, photography, search engine optimisation, online marketing and more!  Pivoting to this new platform takes a ton of work and patience.  Its important to know just how hard your local businesses are working to do business with you this way.
When you spend $100 in a local small business in your community $45 stays in the community. When you spend $100 in a big box store in your community $15 of that stays in the community. When you spend $100 on Amazon or a big box national website $1 of that stays in the community if they used a local delivery service. If they did not use local delivery then < $1 stays in your community.
Did you know that local businesses sponsor sports teams, donate to local charities, to a total of 250% more then big corporations. They provide local employment (7 out of 8 Flirt employees live in Cochrane!) and they enrich the community with a unique and diverse retail landscape. When you enter a local small business they are sure to be the absolute experts in their knowledge of their products and services, you can communicate with an actual human and not a robot on a prerecorded line. Your customer service issues are dealt with promptly and most businesses go above and beyond to ensure that you are a satisfied consumer.
Another meaning full way to support local without spending a dime is through your interactions on social media.  Follow your local retailers, like and comment on their posts, engaging with them gives them greater visibility on all platforms and makes them know that they are valued in the community.  Taking time to leave a genuine google or facebook review also has a lasting impact.  Most consumers do take time to read reviews before purchasing.
So next time you shop local you can really feel good about the contribution that you are making to not only the business but to your local community as well! 
Love as Always, Ciara & Sheri

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